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A weekly podcast that talks about comic books and comic book-related topics.

About the show

Starting in 2008, Comic Book Pitt is Pittsburgh's longest running comic book podcast. Co-hosts Dan Greenwald and Scott Hedlund formed the show with the intent of bringing a fun, conversational atmosphere to both long-time comic book fans and new readers. With the addition of co-hosts Jared Catherine, Shawn Atkins, Caitlyn Copp-Millward, and Brandon "Link" Copp-Millward, the Comic Book Pitt is able to cover comic-related news across all media types; from movies, television, and insider industry news, to reviews of weekly comic books.

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  • Episode 177: It’s Rude, Don’t Do It

    November 18th, 2014  |  1 hr 5 mins
    avengers world, avengers world #14, comic book, comic book pitt, comic books, rocket raccoon, rocket raccoon #5, suicide risk, suicide risk #18, the flash, the humans, the humans #1, the seconds, the walking dead

    Dan is still MIA, so Shawn Atkins, Master of the Mystic Arts, fills in again superbly.

  • Episode 176: Monster Porn, aka The Halloween Episode

    October 31st, 2014  |  1 hr 14 mins
    cataclysm #3, chilling adventures of sabrina, chilling adventures of sabrina #1, comic book, comic book pitt, comic books, godzilla, godzilla: cataclysm, halloween, imperial, imperial #1, imperial #2, imperial #3, monster, porn, spoilers, superman, superman #35, the walking dead, wytches, wytches #1

    In this episode, Duke Jared and Dan talk about The Walking Dead season 5 (potential SPOILERS).